Solution task Forces

Solutions Task Forces

The country faces a number of challenges, few of them small.  In recent history, our Federal government has been tasked with developing and implementing solutions.  One might suggest this approach has resulted in more bureaucracy, significant waste of precious resources, party bickering, and ultimately ineffective programs with little REAL progress toward solving the problems.

Indeed, solutions seem to work through the process in dribbles and bits.  A piecemeal approach will not solve today’s significant problems and in fact may only muddy waters further.  The scope of the problems is large; so must be the solutions.

At the same time, our country is blessed with a population of willing, capable people—a wealth of talent in the private sector, experts in their fields—who often feel impotent watching leaders in Washington (often with NO real-world experience in a particular field) trying to manage these complex issues.

To solve our nation’s ills, the vast resource of our citizenry must be tapped.  The development of solutions needs to move away from the experienced politicians and their cohorts and into the hands of people competent and experienced in industry, service or issue.  How might this be achieved?

  1.  Ask the President in cooperation with Congress to identify the key, broad problems/issues facing our nation.
  2.  For each issue, ask the President to recruit and appoint a citizen task force, a small, working body of approximately 10 – 20 members who bring special experience/qualifications relative to the particular issue.   Task force members are selected from the private sector to provide a year of service to government.  Task force members agree to serve VOLUNTARILLY and, so that they can invest themselves fully in this process, must not be otherwise employed during this period.   Those seeking to serve will provide for their own expenses, either through personal resources or sponsors, solely at the individual’s discretion.
  3.  Each task force is empanelled with the expectation that it will determine its own structure, order and plan of action.  Each task force is charged with four broad goals:
    1. To review and identify the Federal government’s limits and responsibilities relative to the issue in accordance with the Constitution.
    2.  To research possible solutions by consulting with/engaging a broad community of those with relevant, market-based experience
    3.  To evaluate possible solutions
    4.  To devise a recommendation, a comprehensive approach to solving or improving the critical issue facing our nation.

The Task Force reports should be made to the President, to Congress and to the American people.

While the results and success of the Task Forces cannot be guaranteed, at the very least, a large body of information and a wealth of knowledge is coalesced for the country’s good – at no cost to the taxpayer.  At most, workable solutions are put on the table for which Congress can be accountable.  It is hard to find a downside.

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